By Anthony Holden

The joys of family and friendship (not to mention poker) come top of my list.

But for those of us who savour the selfish pleasures of living alone, these days they are not always instantly available. Yet we can always go to the theatre. Or a (classical) concert.

The theatre has been my lifelong home from home, from the National Theatre and RSC via the West End to my grandchildren's school plays.
彩票网站 注册送彩金剧院永远是我的第二个家,无论是伦敦西区的国家大剧院和皇家莎士比亚剧团,还是我孙子孙女的学校剧场都不例外。

I will always remember my youngest son Ben, then nine, winning his school singing competition with a feisty rendition of Luck, Be A Lady Tonight! from our favourite musical Guys And Dolls.
我最小的儿子本九岁的时候在学校的歌唱比赛中获胜了。他精神抖擞地唱了一曲《Luck, Be A Lady Tonight!》(这是出自我们最喜欢的音乐剧《红男绿女》的歌),我永远都不会忘记当时的情景。

Fifteen years ago when I was chronically depressed after the failure of my second marriage, I could find consolation only in music - anything from Mozart's Cosi fan tutte to Ennio Morricone's sloshy theme from the film The Mission, Gabriel's Oboe.

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