A 63-year-old man in Germany who contracted a rare bacterial infection after being licked by his dog has died, prompting doctors to caution pet owners to be aware of any unusual symptoms.

According to a new case report, the patient presented at Red Cross Hospital in Bremen, Germany only after three days of severe symptoms. Initially, he had experienced flu-like symptoms, including elevated temperature and difficulty breathing.
360彩票走势图表 大全新的病例报告显示,这个患者在病情加重的三天后就来到了德国不来梅的红十字会医院。最初他有流感样症状,包括体温升高、呼吸困难。

But the day before he went to hospital, his symptoms took a nosedive. A rash had bloomed on his face, and he was experiencing nerve and muscle pain in his legs. Closer examination revealed subcutaneous bleeding on his legs.

In addition, he had kidney injury and liver dysfunction, as well as hypoxia, lack of bloodflow to the muscles, and he wasn't urinating.
360彩票走势图表 大全其他症状还有肾损伤和肝功能不全,以及缺氧、肌肉血流量不足,还不排尿。

His medical team were at a loss - the patient didn't have the headache or stiff neck associated with meningitis, nor had he travelled anywhere he could have contracted an exotic infection.

The doctors diagnosed him with a severe blood infection caused by the body's immune response (sepsis) and purpura fulminans, a blood clotting disorder that causes skin discolourations (warning: graphic photo of the man's arm below).
360彩票走势图表 大全医生诊断他有身体免疫应答(败血症)引起的严重血液感染,还有暴发性紫癜,这是一种凝血障碍,会导致皮肤变色(警告:下面是男子手臂的照片)。

He was treated with an antibiotic cocktail designed to cover Streptococci, Neisseria meningitidis, Haemophilus influenza and Staphylococcus aureus, but his symptoms continued to decline - he even went into cardiac arrest, but was successfully resuscitated. After that, he was intubated and put on a respirator.

It wasn't until the fourth day of his hospitalisation that the doctors finally isolated and identified the culprit: a bacterium called Capnocytophaga canimorsus.

This is not a rare microbe; in fact, it's a normal and healthy member of the gingival flora in cats and dogs around the world. It is only transmitted to humans very rarely, and then it is usually through dog bites to immunodeficient or otherwise compromised patients, such as alcoholics.

The man had not been bitten or otherwise injured by his dog, nor was he immunodeficient or otherwise compromised; in the weeks preceding his illness, his dog had only licked him. But in this case, it was enough.
360彩票走势图表 大全该男子没有被咬,也没有被他的狗伤到,他免疫功能没有缺陷,也没有受损。在他生病前几周他的狗只是舔了他,但就这个情况来看,就是这个原因了。

Over the days following his diagnosis, in spite of an adjusted treatment regime, his condition worsened. Multiple organs failed, and he contracted pneumonia. On the 16th day after admission, he died of severe septic shock.
360彩票走势图表 大全在他确诊后的几天里,尽管调整了治疗方案,但他的情况还是恶化了。他多个器官衰竭,出现了肺炎。在入院后的第16天,他死于严重的败血性休克。

"Pet owners with flu-like symptoms should urgently seek medical advice when their symptoms exceed those of a simple viral infection, which in this case were severe dyspnoea [difficulty breathing] and petechiae [red rash caused by broken blood vessels]," the researchers wrote in their case report.
360彩票走势图表 大全研究人员在病例报告中写道:“有流感样症状的宠物主人发现症状不是单纯病毒感染时应该及时就医,这个病例中的症状是严重的呼吸困难和紫斑(血管破裂引起的红疹)。”